- Corporate Solutions


CodeShanty offers a variety of professional commercial and residential services at a very unprofessional cost. Whether you're looking for custom built computers, network installation, or web development, we can help you find a solution.

Custom Web Development

Is your company lagging with a website from 2005?

Tired of your myspace page? Need a real website or custom content management system?

CodeShanty can take care of every step, from domain registration and server configuration, to graphics and database back-end.

Network Engineering

From home wireless routers and laptops to fileservers and gigabit, CodeShanty IT can set it up.

Enjoy a secure, high-bandwidth, reliable network without paying for hardware and labor you don't need.

Software Maintenance

The internets are a scary, dirty, and unfair place. If your network or servers are infested with indiscriminate digital pests we can help you. We can quicky remove every trace of grime you have accumulated, fix registry errors, install digital protection, tweak your configuration, and keep you safe from being ravaged again.

Workstation Service

CodeShanty has decades of experience unparalleled by even the largest corporations. Every OS, every type of hardware, every strange problem. Each of our techs has over ten years of intense hands-on experience. No computer store anywhere can match our talent. Watercooling, servers, networks, modding, overclocking, hacking, programming, we can do it.

It's up to you: take your computer to the default repair shop and pay $400 for hardware you don't need that doesn't even fix your problem, or have us fix the same problem faster for half as much.

Custom Computers

Do you want a cheap new computer without all the useless add-ons that dell forces on you?

Do you want a new office filled with networked computers that perfectly match your needs?

Instead of slapping together the cheapest components, we search through thousands of components from hundreds of manufacturers to find the highest rated, longest lasting parts with the best price-to-performance ratios.

Prices for new boxes range from about $250 to $1500.